The female bears Visit Shopping Centre

The female bears visit Shopping Centre

Ilustrasi: Telegraph)

The female bears visit Shopping Centre

Frazer– Normally you see a bear in a zoo or a television. However, in Pittsburgh, United States (U.S.), a bear was seen freely walking in a shopping center.

 Female polar bears were seen entering Pittsburgh Mills shopping center at Fraze at 09.00 local time. Similarly, as reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and told UPI Tuesday (24/07/2012).

As a result of the event, visitors Pittsburgh Mills shopping center also had been evacuated while officers from wildlife conservation park trying to catch the bear.

Deftly wildlife conservation officers tried to attract the attention of the bear to get to the entrance of the mall before he was trapped between two doors. The officer was immediately shot twice tranquilizer rifle ammunition.

Luckily no one was hurt in the incident. Female bear that was successfully taken away from the shopping center without incident means.

“It’s more scary than anything because usually bear choose to stay away from people,” wildlife conservation officers and Puhala.

Not explained how the bears can reach the shopping center and walk freely in the area around

The female bears visit Shopping Centre

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