Restaurant Find Lobster Various Colors

Restaurant Find Lobster Various Colors

Lobster with Various colors (Photo: Emirates 24/7)

Restaurant Find Lobster Various Colors

Massachusetts – A restaurant owner was surprised to see the lobster shipment addressed to him. Posts were filled by a variety of lobster with a variety of colors.

“When employees when opening the mail that they were surprised, thought the distributor sends a cooked lobster,” said Fresh Catch Seafood Restaurant owner Bill Sarro, told Emirates 24/7, Monday (07/23/2012).

The reports on this odd-colored lobsters are rarely found in the New England region, Massachusetts. Lobster they get, usually greenish brown.

But in recent years, lobster-colored blue, orange, yellow, white and even color mix is often found. It seems the news about the lobster fisherman who finds a variety of colors ranging continues to bloom.

According to a marine researcher, was also surprised by the discovery of a variety of lobster that has the color of this variety. Chances are obtained even reach 1 compared to 10 million.

Chances of finding the odd lobster can occur also due to increased numbers lobster harvest. For example, in the region of Maine, during the last 20 years an increase in lobster fishing which reached 105 million pounds each year. When the lift it up, it is likely to find unique colored lobster of course the greater

Restaurant Find Lobster Various Colors

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