Oldest U.S. man dies

Oldest U.S. man dies

Foto : Shelby Harris

Oldest U.S. man dies

ROCK ISLAND – Still remember the Shelby Harris atay familiarly called “Uncle Shelby”. 111-year-old grandfather died peacefully on Wednesday at a nursing home located in Rock Island, Illinois, United States (U.S.).

Harris, who was named the oldest man in the U.S. died when she was asleep. Both his wife and three daughters were told the secret of her memories with Harris.

Because Harris is gone, the oldest man in the U.S. record is given to James McCoubrey of San Francisco, California. In September, McCoubrey will celebrate the 111th anniversary. Meanwhile, the oldest women’s record held by Besse Cooper is now aged 115. Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail, Friday (07/27/2012).

Harris was born in 1901 in the City of Ayshire, The Southern Indiana. He had worked as a coal miner and moved to the Quad Cities in 1942. Harris signed up to fight in World War II, but Harris suffered cedra hinge and could not practice.

Grandfather’s birthday in April it had become a deacon in a church until he was 102 years old. After that he moved to a nursing home located in Rock Island at the age of 105 years.

One secret of longevity is owned by Harris lives with friendliness. Harris has always lived his life with honesty and love of those around him

Oldest U.S. man dies

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