Living with Cow Girl 5 Years



Living with Cow Girl 5 Years

MOSCOW – When the general five-year-old child gets the full attention of his parents, but a little girl in Russia’s Ural mountains it has a different story. Rather spoiled by the parents but the girl would spend more time with the cows and making cigarette butts as a toy.

Mother and stepfather of a five-year-old girl who was known to the farmers in Perm, Russia. This girl’s parents reportedly prefers to let his daughter to live with the animals at the farm rather than send her to kindergarten. So reported Uralinform and RIA Novosti reported on Friday (27/7/2012).

One social worker in the Moskovsky Komsomolets said that local, often poor girl locked in the closet when his parents were under the influence of alcohol. The father is even not uncommon to cast a blow to his stepson’s.

The little girl was reportedly unable to speak or eat with a spoon and fork. Instead he acted like a cow who likes to snort and drink milk directly from a large container.

This case was immediately pushed to the public and the girl was sent to a rehabilitation center but according Komsomolet take years to make her return to normal.

Living with Cow Girl 5 Years


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