600 rabbits dead fear to see the dog


600 rabbits dead fear to see the dog

ZHEJIANG – “Scared to death”, was such a term is actually happening with these fateful rabbits.

This happens when the three dogs into a rabbit farm in the village of Zhejiang, China, and making 600 rabbits died of fright.

Yan Fugen, the ranch owner was shocked to find 600 rabbits died suddenly without the discovery of wounds on their bodies.

As reported by China Daily on Friday (19/08/2011), Chen Dongxiang, farm experts say that the death was caused by the stress response of animals.

When rabbits or other animals get discouraged or sudden shock,their bodies release adrenaline is great.

There by causing their heart beating fast and his organs are not functioning properly, causing death.

Chen also said that, rabbits can also fears that he was dead.

~ by ickerz on 20 August 2011.

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