247 Nets Spider Colors Garnish A Tree in Hungary

Yarn Bombing in a tree works Babukatorium(Daily Mail)

247 Nets Spider Colors Garnish A Tree in Hungary

Veszprém – Like embroider? If so, it seems you have to know a woman who mention him by name Babukatorium.

Babukatorium, is a female graffiti art lovers, who are good at embroidery, so he combines both his art into an art called Yarnbombing (explosion of knitting yarn).

As the name implies, living in Vezprem Babukatorium, Hungary, did not use paint as an essentially creative material, but wool.

If the graffiti art is graffiti on the wall using the composition of color, line, shape, and volume to write the words, symbols, or a specific sentence, but the creativity Babukatorium colorful embroidery precisely shaped nets with various forms and at various places. For example like his latest work, namely in the trunks of trees.


just like graffiti art is not limited to being on a wall, tree, statue or a car, even this yarnbombing Babukatomi work he can make happen anywhere. The result makes things look bright cheerful colors of wool for a unique and interesting, such as tree-covered embroidered nets spider in this photo.

On that tree there are 247 circular spider web in 13 colors. Babukatorium doing embroidery for that tree for three months. He also decorated the tree with embroidery that she made during the three days.

“I’m obsessed with spider webs and a rainbow and so when I saw this tree when I try, it is suitable for yarnbombing,” he said.

“Every part of me is based on numerology color, there are 39 color combinations on yarnbombing me this time.”

“I use lots of ribbon yarn and attach it with subtle colors. I got tired doing it, but many people berdatanganuntuk saw it and asked me to finish it.”

“I was also surprised because many people like it, and come to visit this tree just to see my work.”

Babukatorium also use yarn glow-in-the-dark so that it can dinimati yarnbombingnya its beauty at night

~ by ickerz on 20 August 2011.

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