Growing Giant Sunflowers high as 7 meters !

Mrs Fielding by "Eiffel Flower" his (Daily Mail)

Growing Giant Sunflowers high as 7 meters !

KENT – Although the summer in Kent, England, this time not so hot, but seem to have no effect on growth of sunflower grandmother’s Eve Fielding (48).

Fielding’s sunflowers are planted in the garden behind her house, grew very high and seven meters. In fact, normally an average height of a sunflower is only at about 3.5 meters.

As the owner of each day observing its growth, Fielding also feel strange with this plant.

“This is huge, I really can not believe this plant can grow as tall as this. I was watering it every day, but do not put anything in particular in the soil to make it this high,” Fielding said, as quoted Dailymail, Thursday (08/18/2011).

Due to an unusual height, sun flower plants Fielding dub it, ‘Eiffel Flower’.

It is estimated that sunflower is Fielding’s later became the world’s tallest sunflower, sunflower replaces the highest and largest in the world today who are in Kaarst-Voorst, Germany.

According to Guinness World Records, the tallest sunflower was found in Kaarst-Voorst, Germany, on August 17, 2009, with a height of eight feet, and planted by Hans-Peter Schiffer in Kaarst-Voorst, Germany.

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