To be Confident, Grandma’s 83 Year Breast Implants

To be Confident, Grandma’s 83 Year Breast Implants

CALIFORNIA – When older women generally prefer to operate on the hip or knee to be more robust to support the body, or simply by using wigs to renew the appearance, but the grandmother Marie Kolstad (83) prefer to operate on her breasts.

The surgery was performed in order payudarayanya tight again. The operation was to give new life to him, to be more confident in old age.

Woman from California who works as a property manager it was then became a source of national media coverage in the United States since last July, when running the operation.

Marie said that her breast implants run it to make children and grandchildren are proud of her appearance.

“Physically I am in good health, I just feel like to take advantage of it. I want my children to take pride in my appearance and health conditions,” said the grandmother who already has 25 grandchildren, as quoted Dailymail, Tuesday (16 / 8 / 2011).

Marie who has been widowed for over a decade that was spent with the procedures USD8.000 who spent over three hours.

“I have no mind to meet with someone after I made this breast implants. But more to the figure that can further my passion in the mirror,” says Marie.

Marie originally lived secret operations of the children and grandchildren for fear they will not agree. But eventually they learned the day before surgery.

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