The honeymoon, Wedding It’s dead shark attacked

Praslin – Honeymoon newlywed couple ends tragically. A shark reportedly pounced on the groom to death while swimming in the Seychelles.

The victim is known is named Ian Redmond, attacked by a shark while swimming at the beach Anse Lazio, Praslin Island. Shark measuring two meters was attacked 30-year-old man on Tuesday afternoon local time.

While her husband attacked by a shark, Gemma Houghton newly married to Redmond is known to sunbathe on the beach.

A witness saw a large part of the foot Redmond had no flesh. Even his leg bones are evident. At the same time seem pale face of the victim was attacked after. So reported the Independent, Wednesday (08/17/2011).

Looking at the newly married husband lay helpless, Houghton looked hysterical.
The attack happened at the Beach Praslin is the second time this happened. Previous tourists from France were also killed in shark attack on 1 August.

Head of Tourism Seychelles Alain St Ange said, the shark is estimated not from the waters around the island. He was sure, the only shark species that exist in Pulai Praslin is the only whale sharks eat plankton and other microscopic plants.

Related to this incident Seychelles Minister Joel Morgan ordered the closure of the beach. Local governments also prohibit the tourists to swim near the location of this incident.


~ by ickerz on 18 August 2011.

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