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the match

BARCELONA – Lionel Messi helps Barcelona beat brilliant as his eternal rival Real Madrid in the Spanish Supercopa second leg on Thursday (18/08/2011) early morning hrs. After carrying Barca winning 2-1 in the first half, Messiah back into a decisive 3-2 victory at Barca end of the game.

As usual, the battle between two best clubs in Spain are directly held tight and hot from the start. Nan hard game quickly became a major treat both El Clasico match between two teams this season.

After a tight fight in the first ten minutes, Barca managed to open the faucet through Andres Iniesta’s goal in minute 15. Utilizing breakthrough bait Messi, who previously writhed in midfield, Iniesta is off the offside trap scored a beautiful goal by picking through the guard Iker Casillas advanced to close the firing chamber of the Spanish national team midfielder.

But Barca’s advantage did not last long, Madrid immediately responded with a goal five minutes later Cristiano Ronaldo. Exploiting cross Karim Benzema, CR7 had the ball with a touch that could not dammed Victor Valdes. There is little controversy behind Ronaldo scored his 100th, as the Barca players to claim the world’s most expensive player in an offside position. However, referee David Fernandez Borbalan still endorse these goals.

A minute ahead of the first round was over, Messi makes the whole Camp Nou Barca roared after successfully bringing back ahead. Utilizing feedback backheel Gerard Pique who rose to help the attack, Messi managed to outwit Casillas with a kick lever, to close the first half of Barca combines with the score 2-1.

Sign the second half, game increasingly heated. Both players started leaving the values ​​of fair play, and often show strong game characterized by physical contact. Lionel Messi and Marcelo was involved in verbal confrontations, following offenses committed Marcelo.

Entering the 63rd minute, Mourinho pulled out and put Angel Di Maria Gonzalo Higuain smashed his forces in order to add power. However, it was Barca who have a chance of first-kick Messi, who can still be pushed Casillas and Sergio Busquets header that still soar over the bar.

Real replied through Benzema volley kick that unfortunately still sideways.Shortly later turn Sergio Ramos, who must bite the fingers after a header from close range, after welcoming cross still sideways.

Twenty minutes remaining, Guardiola began to tighten the focus of the defense area. David Villa is pulled out and put the wing defender Adriano Correira.While Mourinho was still eager to enter Ozil replace Kaka in the 78th minute.

Mou’s decision to play Kaka shown telling, after winning prizes corner kick, the Brazilian playmaker to send feedback that makes the occurrence of chaos in the Barca penalty box. Benzema also managed to exploit the situation, after sepekannya for the second time failed secured Valdes.

Score 2-2 to make the game more tense in the remaining eight minutes.Because both sides are now in a position as strong                                         (aggregate 4-4). Guardiola scored Real Madrid responded by entering anyarnya players, Cesc Fabregas to replace Pedro.

In the middle of the confidence of the players are emerging Madrid, Messi again became an actor protagonist for Barca. Argentine boy wonder is back with his team ahead in the remaining three minutes. Fabregas took part in the creation of Messi’s goals. Former Arsenal pillar to send feedback to Messi, who forwarded a breakthrough bait to Adriano who then sent a cross to return without being able to disambat Messi in response Casillas.

Not long ago, Messi scored a hat trick chance after receiving a breakthrough bait. Unfortunately, the execution time is still able to be secured Casillas.Meanwhile, Madrid is getting frustrated catch up, just to play with 10 players, following a red card received by Marcelo as hard tackle on Fabregas.

This incident triggered tension was torn between the two camps involving all players, whether on field or bench. In fact, Jose Mourinho was once caught on camera involved in the incident. Terlepasa of the incident, Barca finally successfully maintain a 3-2 advantage at once won three in a row Supercopa (Real Madrid match score) or is the 10th in history.

Barcelona: Victor Valdes, Javier Mascherano, Gerard Pique, Eric Abidal, Dani Alves, Sergio Busquets, Andres Iniesta, Xavi, Pedro, David Villa / Adriano (73 ‘), Lionel Messi

Real Madrid: Iker Casillas, Ricardo Carvalho, Pepe, Fabio Coentrao, Sergio Ramos, Sami Khedira / Marcelo (46 ‘), Xabi Alonso, Mesut Ozil / Kaka (75’), Angel Di Maria / Higuain (62 ‘), Cristiano Ronaldo Karim Benzema

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