Mad Pizza, Man It’s purchase Up to USD1.197

Mad Pizza, Man It’s purchase Up to USD1.197

Stoughton – No one is happy as David Schuler when looking at a pile of pizzainto the trunk of his car.

Schuler purchased approximately 150 pizzas are put in the refrigerator in his car and make the long journey as far as 1400 miles to his home, leading thefamily to enjoy pizza for months.

Schuler is not a madman, he’s only pizza connoisseurs who know the taste delights.

He spent a total of USD1.197 or approximately Rp 10 million even though hegets a discount. He is an individual customer who orders a pizza with a large amount.

As reported by the Associated Press on Tuesday (16/08/2011), Schuler ordered a pizza with plastic and put it in coolers so durable for several months.

~ by ickerz on 18 August 2011.

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