Hitler ever would cite this as a Woman


Hitler ever would cite this as a Woman

LONDON – Britain has a bizarre plan to conspire to win World War Two, by turning Hitler into a woman.

The alliance is hoping to smuggle food to the female hormones the Fuhrer in an attempt to ward off aggression.

The plan is one weird idea to break the deadlock in the war, according to abook published by a leading academic.

Another crazy idea is to glue down the Nazi forces so that they stick to the ground and also disguise a bomb to be a fruit and imported into Germany.

These crazy ideas in mind for the first time found in the book Secret Weapon:Technology, Science And Race To Win World War II by Professor Brian Ford, reports the Orange, on Tuesday (16/08/2011).

“There is a plan to smuggle an alliance of estrogen into Hitler’s food so shechanged sex to female, so he would be feminine and not more aggressive,” the said professor Ford.

This is possible because at that time the British spy agency already in place todo it

~ by ickerz on 18 August 2011.

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