23 Hours This Wife Prisoners Trapped in Toilet Prison

the Prison where women are trapped (Photo: Daily Mail)

23 Hours This Wife Prisoners Trapped in Toilet Prison

LONDON – Mean heart wants to visit her husband who was in prison, this woman was actually stuck in the toilet when the prison guards distracted while keeping the prison situation.

Begin on time of the incident, the woman was her husband who was in his time of incarceration. When he uses the toilet to urinate, all of a sudden the door locked.

Indeed, anyone who visits the prison into the prison in a group. But the woman was separated from the group to use the toilet. While at the same time, the warden who was watching the visitors were distracted to deal with anything else.

As a result, women are forced to spend over 23 hours in the toilet with no food and drinks. He can not ask for help out, because according to prison regulations that mobile phones are not allowed to be brought inside.

The woman had hit the bathroom door and yelled for help, but it seems the warden did not hear his screams. For 23 hours she was finally sleeping in the cold state of toilets and without food and drinks at Les Nicolles Prison, Island of Guernsey, England.

He will be out of the toilet after guards opened the toilet door the next day. The guards were surprised by their discovery in the morning.

She looked bedraggled and cold and hunger. This incident alone shows the negligence of prison guards on duty. Officials on the island of Guernsey Geoff Mahy also apologized for the incident that occurred this.

“One of the guards turned her attention, does it not become an excuse. The jailer very sorry for the incident and apologized to him,” Mahy said as quoted by the Daily Mail on Wednesday (08/17/2011).

The prison itself was an investigation into the incident. Although already apologized to the victim, there is a chance she’ll cast a claim to the prison.

~ by ickerz on 18 August 2011.

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