WOW, this mushroom for babies

Terry Hodson-Walker with mushrooms findings that for babies(dailymail)


Staffordshire – If you usually mushrooms you can easily store in the refrigerator. But not so with a mushrooms that is found Terri Hodson Walker (25).

Terri who is the supervisor of a garden in the compound housing the elite citizens of Italy in Staffordshire, England, was surprised when she found a mushroom weighing five pounds, or approximately 2.27 pounds. The weight is equivalent to a newborn baby.

Mushrooms is called The Giant puffball, or scientific name Calvatia gigantea. The mushrooms does not grow properly in place. It is quoted Dailymail on Monday (08/15/2011).

This giant mushrooms commonly found in late summer and autumn in grassland or forests around the world whose leaves are falling.

However, these giant mushrooms my steriously popping up in the courtyard garden of this housing, since yesterday.

“We think the mushrooms came as a result of weathering of hay around him and continues to grow. So many large-sized mushrooms popping up here. However, the largest weighing five pounds of this mushroom. This one is very big. In fact I have not never seen before, “says Terri.


~ by ickerz on 16 August 2011.

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