Want to Go to Prison, this Man Climbing Wall

Want to Go to Prison, Man It’s Climbing Wall

Folsom – Usually people are not willing to go to jail and some even tried to escape, but not with this man, he broke through to go to jail.

The man is Marvin Lane Ussery, he was arrested at the time of going to jail through a wall to climb as high as 2.1 meters equipped with barbed wire.

48-year-old man was arrested and searched because they feared was about to smuggle drugs and mobile phones. But the guard did not find any suspicious objects in the man.

As reported by the Associated Press on Friday (12/08/2011), Quinn had been imprisoned for robbery cases it has actually been released on parole in 2009.

It remains unknown what made him want to return to prison. At least his intentions now been accomplished, since he is now in custody because of him climbing the prison walls.

~ by ickerz on 16 August 2011.

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