Teenagers It Get Sophisticated bionic hand from marcedes

Matthew James with a bionic hand (Photo: Daily Mail)

Teenagers It Get Sophisticated bionic hand from marcedes

LONDON – A teenager who has not had hands achieved his dream to help the team Formula One (F1), her beloved Mercedes, after getting a fake hand advanced from the team.

Thanks to the persistence and strong determination to have a hand, the dream finally Matthew James (14) granted by Ross Brawn, team boss Petronas F1 Grand Prix Mercedes. Brawn donated funds amounting to 35 thousand euros in order to realize a dream that Matthew was born with no left arm, after Matthew sent a letter to the Mercedes.

Brawn admitted that the letter be touched by Matthew and agreed to give him the money necessary to get the fake hand. “Matthew is very touching letter the company,” said Brawn.

After receiving a letter in June Mathew, Mercedes invited the boy to headquarters, where he toured the factory and met racer Michael Schumacher.

All this thanks to the cooperation undertaken by specialist prosthetics maker Touch Bionics i-Limb Pulse is the most advanced technology for this type of fake hand in the world.

Fake hand is strong enough to lift 14 stone fruit and also very versatile. Matthius now able to grip a pen to draw and write, tie his tie and shoelaces and catch the ball. Fake hand this works by taking instructions from the muscles in the remaining limbs.

Teenagers are doing the installation of hand in Wokingham, Berkshire. Matthew states that it is fabulous, because it has a lid like a clamp mechanism.

“With this single tool that I can do everything. It also looks really cool because from the outside is transparent, so that I can see how it works. They will even put a Mercedes badge on the wrist of this,” said Matthew proudly,                                                                                                       like quoted by the Daily Mail, Tuesday (08/16/2011).

Matthew traveled to the headquarters of Touch Bionics in Livingston, Scotland, after the company agreed to waive a fee of 25 thousand euros corresponding to the price of the hand and the cost of training to use them.

“I really want to go to school to immediately test the usefulness of this new hand,” he added.

The company helps Matthew adds a shortage of funds needed for 10 thousand Euros to pay for such devices by requiring fans and sponsors to make donations.

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