Researchers Develop Brain Machine Resembling Skin

illustration(TG DAILY)

Researchers Develop Brain Machine Resembling Skin

CALIFORNIA – An object that is very thin, can be used a brain-machine interface that can allow patients to be monitored outside the hospital, or to allow soldiers to communicate without a voice in the field.

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, shows a device such as a flexible thin skin. The device is paired with a small electronic components, which can obtain electrical signals from the brain and skeletal muscle and send information wirelessly to an external computer.

Until recently, brain machine interface is still difficult to use, because it requires the arrangement of electronic components is very broad.

The device is made from thin sheets of plastic covered with a layer of water-soluble adhesive, so it can stick to the skin after washing with water. Once attached, the plastic will dissolve, then leave the electronic components are embedded in the skin such as temporary tattoos. Similarly, as quoted by TG Daily, Tuesday (16/08/2011).

The research team showed a wide range of electrical components, such as sensors, transistors, power supplies such as solar cells and wireless antennas can be combined in one device that looks almost unnoticeable to the wearer.

Coleman’s research groups using this device, to make a person controlling a computer game by using the muscles in his throat. In principle, simply by saying a command word or a verb, then that person can play it.

Tim envision applications in various fields such as military operations, gaming, education and consumer electronics. For example, the ability to communicate with the computer without giving a verbal message in a voice loud, clear benefits for patients with neurological disorders or muscle to do so.

It looks like a secret tattoo also allows the machine is used for secret military operations that require the operator to communicate with using a remote military base.

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