Postcards was too late To 57 Years

Margaret Eastham and new postcards until after 57 years(Dailymail)

Postcards was too late To 57 Years

LANCHASHIRE – Margaret Eastham (80) was stunned when reading a postcard he found at his home in Preston on the mat, Lanchashire, England.

The postcard is black and white is a letter from my sister-in-law, Dorothy, written in 1954 when he migrated to Malaysia.

Suddenly, Margaret was endlessly amazed. “I really could not believe what I see,” Margaret said, as quoted Dailymail, Monday (08/15/2011).

“At first I thought, this postcard from my neighbor who was in India, but I recognize text contained in this postcard. This is the writing of Dorothy. So when I see the date the letter was written and the date of the postmark on the letter it. But, unfortunately, Dorothy had died four years ago, “he added.

The postcard has taken time for 57 years to reach the hands of Margaret. Fortunately, Margaret has not moved home address.

The letter was sent Dorothy when he was on his way to Malaysia, to visit her husband who worked at a rubber plantation there.

When Dorothy was using sea routes to get to Malaysia. While postcards are Dorothy, bought in Port Said Egypt and shipped from Yemen.

In the letter written expressions of joy during the journey Dorothy who spent six weeks.


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