Art “Disappear” by Liu Bolin

Did you see there are 3 people in this photo? (Photo: Telegraph)

Art “Disappear” by Liu Bolin

BEIJING – Let you look carefully, the picture is above this. This is a portrait of a man who tried to blend in with the background of his choice.

Liu Bolin (38), Chinese citizens who were born in Shandong this is an artist who chooses to make himself into someone who is vaguely visible.

It’s hard not to admire the cleverness. Liu paints his body as possible so he can be “fused” into one with a background that he chose and a vague look.

With a little help from his assistants, Liu managed to make the people around him did not know that he is close to the start moving.

The image you see on this page are the latest works of Liu. He mingled with drinks in a row of artwork titled “plasticizer”, reports the Telegraph on Monday (08/15/2011).

Not without purpose, is intended to express his artistic time ketidakberdayaanya on the use of food additives, in the studio at 798 Art District in Beijing, China.


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