A day, 89 people were killed by bomb in Iraq

The series of bombs that hit iraq (Photo: EPA)

A day, 89 people were killed by bomb in Iraq

BAGHDAD – The series of bomb attacks that occurred yesterday in Iraq continue to add casualties. Finally, the death toll from the attack reportedly reached 89 people.

The coordinated attack was made Iraqis fear their current security conditions. 42 coordinated attacks show that there is no safe place in Iraq.

Mondays are filled with bombings showed attacks against citizens and security forces sipul, a deadly attack from suicide bomb attacks, car bombs, IEDs and brutal shootings.

Until yesterday afternoon local time, while Iraqis prepare to break their fast in Ramadan, reported the death toll from a series of bombings has reached 89 people. That number includes three suicide bombers, while the injuries certainly has currently reached 315 people.

Widespread violence, it is considered exceptional because the average attacks in Iraq known to reach 14 times a day in the year. It is estimated that only a militant Sunni group affiliated with Al Qaeda is capable of doing this fatal attack.

But this attack can be also carried out by Shiite militants who frequently target U.S. forces and often make threats against Iraq. Iraq’s own forces clearly have not been able to maintain security in Iraq today.

“Our troops should have the intelligence capabilities to prevent attacks like this. But in fact, the militants attacked troops who showed us like nothing,” said Shawn Iraqi Parliament member Mohammed Taha was quoted as saying by the New York Times, Tuesday (16 / 8 / 2011).

Indeed, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack on Monday. But in an audio tape posted on the website of Al Qaeda in Iraq last week, a spokesman for the terrorist group said they were preparing a major attack.

The attack itself came two weeks after the Iraqi government agreed to negotiate with the U.S.. Negotiations were discussing the possibility of U.S. troops will leave them at the end of this year.

But some parties in Iraq just want the U.S. to leave Iraq as a whole. According to Professor Hamid Fhadil from Baghdad University, “if the Americans leave al-Qaeda will have no reason to operate in Iraq”.

“Al Qaeda wants the United States remain here (Iraq), so that they can make Iraq a battleground with America,” explained Fhadil.

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