This He Mysterious Identity of Women in Photos Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley & Barbara Gray(photo: vanity fair)

This He Mysterious Identity of Women in Photos Elvis Presley

LOS ANGELES – Approximately 50 years ago, a buxom blonde girl captured the heart of Elvis Presley who was then aged 21 years. But no one knows the identity of the woman.

Intimacy they recorded in photographs. When finally a picture of them became famous after the death of Elvis Presley, the mystery was deepened, who is the woman?

Now, after a few decades later, she appeared in public. He revealed kebersamaanya with Elvis in the magazine Vanity Fair.

The woman named Barbara Gray, aka Bobbi Owens admitted, talking to a singer named Elvis by telephone in 1956. After that they arranged a meeting in Richmond, Virginia.

They began to spend the day together and photographer Alfred Wertheimer capture their intimacy.

When Elvis met Barbara at the Mosque Theatre, Alfred photographing them was teased each other and were making out in the backseat of the cab. In the theater, Alfred suddenly lost track of them. He then look for the couple and while walking around the theater, Alfred found a pair here at the end of a narrow and dark hallway, which was Elvis fondle Barbara.

Alfred capture photos when rock n roll legend Barbara was leaning on a fence, then their lips collided. Photos are now known by the nickname ‘The Kiss‘.

Alfred she never asked about all the images obtained on that day until 19 years later, Elvis was found dead in his Graceland home.

“On the day Elvis died, Time magazine called me and asked me to carry all my photo collection as soon as possible. Among the photographs is ‘The Kiss’,” said Alfred on the Today Show quoted Dailymail.

Despite the proximity of Elvis with Barbara Gray clearly visible in the photo, Barbara who is now 75 years old says, does not have an affinity for Elvis held against him.

“Maybe he felt the touch of fire when with me, but I never even knew who he was,” I’m Barbara.

Elvis continues to pursue Barbara after the split of the day.

“I got a Christmas card from him once, but nothing else. Shortly after that, I went abroad. So, I do not know if he tried to reach me or not,” said Barbara

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