There are thought to Fresh Grass, Pony Riding Tractor Tires Sandwiched

Smile stuck in in the tractor tires when you're looking for fresh grass(Dailymail)


LIMMER – Marlene Schmidt (30), a lover of horses from Limmer, Germany, must be willing to bother to get his hands dirty after her beloved pony trapped in a large tractor tire.

According to Marlene’s favorite horse was trapped into a large tractor tire when grazing fresh grass behind the tire.

But unfortunately, behind the big tires is a rather deep puddle, not the grass. Therefore, the poor pony fell into a puddle mired and stuck in the tire.

“He’s very funny, she often gets stuck when looking for fresh grass,” Marlene said as quoted Dailymail on Thursday (11/08/2011).

Marlene has sought its own deal to save his horse, but he finally asked for help of firefighters to provide relief.

Damkar officer then splitting the big tires use an electric mower to free the horses owned by Marlene.


~ by ickerz on 15 August 2011.

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