The thai police rescued 1800 dog


The thai police  rescued 1800 dog

BANGKOK – Thai police rescue entourage brings dogs 1800. The dogs were believed to be used as menu exotic food at one restaurant in Vietnam.

Police arrested three citizens of Thailand and one from Vietnam in NakhonPathom Province, located 600 kilometers from Bangkok. Police searched the truck containing 1800 five dogs in a small cage.

“Police believe, all these dogs will be sent to Vietnam by a ship passing through the Mekong River. These dogs will be cooked to be one of the exotic restaurant menus,” said Rernsak Mahawinijchaimontree local police, as quoted by DPA, Sunday (14 / 08 / 2011).

Nakhon province is located near the Laos who is also a country which is adjacent to Vietnam.

The dogs are generally sold for 500 to 1,000 baht, or approximately Rp142thousand to Rp285thousand each tail.

Thailand is a country where its citizens is refusing to eat dog meat, that’s why the dogs are sold to Vietnam

~ by ickerz on 15 August 2011.

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