The design of Apple’s New Office Similar UFO

The design of Apple's Campus 2 (Photo: Mashable)

The design of Apple’s New Office Similar UFO

CALIFORNIA – Apple Inc. is planning the construction of its new central office in Cupertino. Some U.S. media had a chance peep the preliminary design of such technology giants office.

As reported by Mashable, Sunday (14/08/2011), the headquarters which laterreferred to as the ‘Apple Campus 2’ it has a design like a flying saucer with an area of 26 hectares to accommodate approximately 12 thousand employees of Apple.

Consisting of four floors, the Apple Campus 2 has a 1000 seat auditorium,research facilities covering an area of ​​2.7 hectares, as well as several floors of underground parking and four floors of the building parking lot, with a circulardesign office as well as a flying saucer. While at the top, the building will be covered by a giant curved glass.

When presented the design of this building to the city officials of Cupertino,Steve Jobs said, “We use all our experience in building retail buildingsthroughout the world, and we know how to make the largest ever piece of glassused in the architecture world.”

The plan, the new office will begin construction in 2012 and scheduled to be completed in 2015.

~ by ickerz on 15 August 2011.

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