review City of Cartagena, Most Beautiful City in the World

city of Cartagena


City of Cartagena, Colombia, Most people know the city of Cartagena as a haven of beauty and the telenovela, but his name is always associated with a nest of crime and drug cartels.

Not only that Cartagena is one of the jewels in the Caribbean. Lately Cartagena’s prestige is rising rapidly in the tourism map.

As the most northern city in Colombia, South America, and surrounded by waves of the Caribbean Sea, Cartagena is one of the ports and at the same time the most powerful fortress city of America.

Founded in the 16th century during the Spanish rule, the city which has become one of the favorite tourist destination of the international jet set has the original name of Cartagena de Indias, or western people refer to it as Cartagena of the West Indies.

And if you take the time to visit and walk in the old part of town, it’s likely you also will agree with UNESCO and understand why the city is touted as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, as well as the jewel of colonial architecture style.

Not only are the charming architectural style, Cartagena also has a tempting beach. The best beaches you can find in Cartagena is Bocagrande Beach.

For tourists Cartagena has similar characteristics to that of the Rosario Islands, the beach water is crystal clear and transparent and soft white sands and coral reefs that are able to form a landscape comparable to heaven.

And given the status of Cartagena which has now become a haven to play for the international jet set, not surprisingly, would that in some corners of the city attended the faces that are present in the form of stylish bistros, boutique hotels, and shops are stunning.

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