Land Rover Defender have a New Machine

Land Rover's new engine (photo: worldcarfans)

Land Rover Defender have a New Machine

LONDON-Who does not know the rugged vehicle, Land Rover Defender.Although it had sounded the manufacturer will stop production of Land Roversport utility vehicle (SUV) in 2013.

However, the British car manufacturer has announced a series of updates onthe latest machines that will be used Land Rover Defender 2012. And mostimportantly, the engine in the 2012 Land Rover Defender will use a 2.2-literengine EU5 diesel with 122 PS (90 kW/120 hp) and 360 Nm (265 lb-ft).

By using a machine like this, allows this SUV to reach a top speed of 90 mph(145 km / h) and has CO2 emissions of 266 g / km and 295 g / km.

In addition, there are also two package options include the Comfort Packpriced £ 1650 and includes air conditioning, CD player and power windows.And the second package, namely Pack Off-road price of £ 1500 by gettinganti-lock, tires for off road, and get the protection of the undercarriage.

Furthermore, the plan will begin this car was launched in November 2012 in England. And priced at a price of 20.995 pounds minimum.

~ by ickerz on 15 August 2011.

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