korea artist’s recognition of the first kiss

girlband t-ara

Korea artist’s recognition of the first kiss

first love and first kiss said to be hard to forget. At least that’s what happened to the members of T-ara vocal group from South Korea. They openly about their first kiss story.

This was disclosed girlband who is promoting the song ‘Roly Poly’ is currently attending the ‘A Best Friend is Necessary’ on SBS. When DJ Choi Hwa Jung wondered to the pretty girl on their first kiss. T-ara happy to share their experiences.

T-ara personnel, Eujung directly answered with enthusiasm. He told the kiss happened in a cafe.

“My first kiss happened with my girlfriend before my debut (as the artist). I went to the cafe with my girlfriend, they (the waiter) puts us in a special section mate,” he said as quoted from allkpop Eujung, Monday, August 15, 2011 .

Recognized Eujung, kiss it just happens without planned by them. And the kiss made her cry.

“The atmosphere is so natural. However, I was very surprised and I shed tears. My girlfriend feel sorry,” he said sheepishly.

Of course the recognition Eujung received it directly from the T-ara other personnel. They were happy to poke fun at and bombed Eujung with a number of questions.

“Why are you crying,” said T-fig personnel. The question was immediately invited a lot of laughter in studiuo.

After Eujung, the other personnel not to be outdone. Each personnel share stories about their first kiss. Jiyeon first admitted kissing in front of his house.
Then, Soyeon has the first kiss while on a date at an amusement park. And Qri, doing her first kiss in the car.

Meanwhile, Hwayoung, T-ara personnel youngest said she was kissing in front of the school. Recognition Hwayoung make the other members Hwayoung stunned and stared without blinking.


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