Could it be ‘Jurassic Park’ Being Real?

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Could it be ‘Jurassic Park’ Being Real?

NEW YORK – The advance of technology and science now allowsscientists claimed to resurrect dinosaurs like the movie box office’Jurassic Park’, 18 years ago.

But it was denied by the scientists. They assess the storyline in the film adaptation of Michael Crichton’s novel is impossible to be realized.

In the novel and the film, dinosaurs resurrected after a group of archaeologists have found fossils of mosquitoes that blood dinosaur DNA so that scientists could develop these ancient creatures to put it into the alligator embryo.

The scientists claim that it is impossible, the article of the DNAmolecule will be destroyed over the course of time. Paleontologistsfrom Montana State University and adviser to all the movie JurassicPark Jack Horner explained that after 500 thousand years, rarely does the DNA remains intact. Meanwhile, since the dinosaursbecame extinct 65 million years ago.

Horner claimed, although he and some colleagues had discoveredsoft tissue from Tyrannosaurus rex in 2005, there has never beenscientists who discovered the dinosaur DNA.

“The soft tissue that was prepared by biomolecules rather thanDNA,” said Horner, as quoted by LiveScience, Sunday (08/14/2011).

In fact, Horner continued, if one day the DNA of dinosaurs were discovered, ascertained its composition has been damaged,making it very difficult for scientists to ‘sew’ back to the DNA.

Although unable to revive the dinosaurs, humans can actually”create” dinosaur-like creature. In recent years, several groups ofscientists are reportedly working to turn the characteristics ofdinosaurs in a chicken.

Led by Horner, a group of scientists hopes to grow a chicken thathas teeth, claws and tail, or ‘chicken dinosaur’, after finding themutant embryos in the chickens, 2005 ago.


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