Uncle Mark Duggan Mafia boss?

Photo: Desmond 'Dessie' Noonan (left) & Mark Duggan (Right)________ (Daily Mail)

Uncle Mark Duggan Mafia boss?

LONDON – The shooting of British blacks, Mark Duggan, judged to be inciting the riot that occurred in England. But word got out, the uncle of Mark Duggan is a mafia leader who was killed in 2005.

Desmond “Dessie” Noonan, who is the uncle of Mark Duggan, was a highly feared mafia. He was allegedly active in criminal activities in the City of Manchester.

Duggan was stabbed by a drug dealer in 2005. Similarly, as quoted by the Daily Mail on Saturday (13/08/2011).

Noonan was previously a bartender and had entered into a documentary about Gangster. Noonan, in a documentary that claims he is a strong mafia.

“We have a lot of loyal people around us. When a person thinks can catch one of our members, they are silly and even ridiculous,” said Noonan.

Men of Irish descent were already active in the underground city of Manchester since 1990 earlier, and also briefly appeared in court.

According to investigations conducted by the British police, a gun belonging Duggan was found, and the gun was wrapped in socks.

The members of the mafia has always fired the pistol wrapped in socks to complicate the police forensic team in conducting the investigation.

Duggan also expressed frequently visited his uncle when he was attending school. Teacher Duggan, Boyan Yordanov, said Duggan is not a good boy while attending school.

“Duggan often attack any children in the playground, they are all afraid of Duggan. At one point, Duggan brought a knife to school and one teacher found it, Duggan was convicted,” says Yordanov.

In recent years, Duggan thought to be a senior member of the gang of The Star that controls Tottenham. Genk is often accused of doing acts of violence, threats and narcotics trafficking.

Starting from allegations that police in Britain began watching the movements of the Mark Duggan. Mark Duggan death has left a tragedy riots in the European country.

Riots occurred in Tottenham and has also spread to other major cities in the UK.

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