The type of woman in social networking is the choice of men

Men surf virtual world. (Photo: Corbis)

The type of woman in social networking is the choice of men

FEEL your friends jealous with your female partner in social networking. If you want to know, here’s a cheat sheet type of woman who could potentially serve them as friends.

When choosing a friend on social networking, maybe both women and men despite being very selective. But unlike women, men often makes many women as friends in these social networking account. So, what kind of woman who makes a man itching to make friends on her account, despite the status of courtship? Here are leaked, as reported by Glamour.

  • The former lover

As long as the relationship does not end with the conflict or dispute the negative, usually a man will stay friends with her ​​ex in the social networking site.

  • The last woman to go out with

This entry lists the type of woman who usually have friends in their social networking accounts. However, as long as your partner to behave normally and not excessive by leaving a message on the wall the woman, could not hurt to let them make friends.

  • coworkers

Men will usually make friends on social networking colleagues. So, do not be too suspicious when a lot of female friends who seem familiar with the couple. The reason, perhaps your partner and the woman is indeed a team of colleagues while in office.

  • women’s bikini

For friendship is a common symptom where a surge of their egos. So, even though she covered it, the kind of woman this is actually very tickled him to make friends.

  • Friends of the lover

This seems to happen naturally. Many men are friends with friends of friends partner. Not only for friends only, but also to find out information about her lover.


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