iPhone 5 Launched 8 September?


iPhone  5 Launched 8 September?

CALIFORNIA – A report from a Japanese site mention that the 8 of September is the date of the next media event from Apple, which is thought to be the launch of the iPhone 5.

As quoted by Mashable, Saturday (08/13/2011), Apple has a history of always launching their latest mobile phone product at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) every summer. But this year, the Verizon iPhone 4, this tradition was no longer valid.

If you look at the posts above, may be quite logical to call the Worldwide Developers Conference as a possible  launch date of iPhone 5, although in previous events are also used for the launch of the iPod.

Although this date is still a rumor, but MacRumor said that that date came from ‘reliable sources’.

If the date is truly accurate, yet must also Apple launched the iPhone 5.  Because they could launch another product. The information is still confusing, even the source of AllThingsD even mention that the iPhone will be launched 5 october.


~ by ickerz on 14 August 2011.

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