Game on Google + Start Launched

Google + started to show the game

Game on Google + Start Launched

CALIFORNIA – social games for Google’s social networking service + finally become a reality. But only a handful of members who can get access to the game.

Yes, Google + officially announced the presence of a number of social games on its platform, Friday (08/12/2011). This new offer allows users of Google + play games directly from the social networking, in which several games could also join Google + play other users.

Some games are already present in Google + including Angry Birds (Rovio), Blitz Bejeweled (PopCap) and Poker (Poker). According to Google’s Engineering Director David Glazer, it was deliberately launched only a few games as a warm-up.

But Glazer confirmed Google is slowly continuing to add features game developers as well as before the service is truly open to all members of the Google +, as reported by Cnet.

So, exactly when Google users can get access + game? Senior Vice President of Engineering Google’s Vic Gundotra explained that this feature is gradually opened to the community of Google +, but all users can get “in the near future”.

“Google’s social networking service + still requires an invitation (from another user), so users must register first to play” added Gundotra.

Gundotra also explained that users could see only the updates if they play the games in question, so do not make their streams ‘tightness’.

“If you are not interested in games, very easy to let. Stream you will stay focused on conversations with people you care about,” complete Gundotra.

~ by ickerz on 14 August 2011.

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