Film Production “The Lone Ranger” Terminated

johnny-depp (AP)

Film Production “The Lone Ranger” Terminated

Economic crisis in the United States ran up the entertainment world. In fact, the company Walt Disney Pictures classmates feel the effect. So, consequently, the production of the movie “The Lone Ranger”, starring a superb actor, Johnny Depp, to be stopped.

Reportedly, the production director, Gore Verbinski, and the team has sought to curb the budget of U.S. $ 250 million to U.S. $ 232 million. Still, the number was still far from the limits set by the studio, ie U.S. $ 200 million.

Executive Director of Walt Disney, Bob Iger, confessed to that the Burbank studio was concerned about the budget. “We must be cautious about the cost of production,” he said.

Do not stop there, he also said that their goal is to achieve a satisfactory result. “If unable to answer their wishes, we thought it would be better if we reduce the amount of production rather than having to bear greater risk.”
In addition to budget problems, Disney considers the proposed type of film does not match the market even for star Johnny Depp is involved.

“Lone Ranger” was initially mentioned have the potential to reap success at the end of 2012. That is, if he so produced.


~ by ickerz on 14 August 2011.

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