Ex U.S. Marine Dead Will Injected

Photo: Sowell, with his eyes closed during judged (AP)

Ex U.S. Marine Dead Will Injected

WASHINGTON – The former U.S. Marines (USA) Anthony Sowell, who murdered 11 women, finally got a penalty in the form of lethal injection from the court.

Anthony Sowell was indicted on charges of murder, kidnapping and torture of 11 women.

Former 51-year-old Marine who will also be sentenced to death. Similarly, as reported by the BBC on Saturday (08/13/2011).

In the Cleveland trial, 51-year-old man was sitting with his eyes closed when Judge Dick Ambrose read out details of the murders committed by him.

The bodies of the victims Sowell was found when the former Marine was arrested in October 2009.

Sowell scheduled execution on Oct. 29, 2012. However, Sowell granted forgiveness by the victims’ families.

“I forgive you, the reason I gave this apology is because I remember the god. I also need a god to ask for forgiveness in every mistake me,” said the victim’s family, Kyana Hunt.

A survivor of the killing, Sowell, said he had forgiven Sowell.

Sowell took the victim to his home in Cleveland. They were invited to drink liquor and smoked crack cocaine and marijuana.

Sowell then rape and sexual abuse against the victims. After that, Sowell strangled with a rope, cable, or the victim’s clothing.

The bodies of 11 victims were put into plastic garbage bags and dumped near the house and backyard. The victims were strangled and killed all of them do not wear pants.

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