Challenged Google +, Facebook Develops his Game

Challenged Google, Facebook Develops his Game

CALIFORNIA – When Google + launches social games, it is considered by Facebook as a ‘challenge’ that responded to the development of some of its games.

As quoted from Pocket-Lint, Saturday (08/13/2011), anything that Google can do, then Facebook could have done better, even much bigger. The message came from Facebook’s headquarters in response to Google’s + move  to start getting into the social gaming arena.

The biggest change on the Facebook social games, namely a larger screen display, including titles such as CityVille, Zoo World, Monster World and Mystery Manor.

In addition, there are also “new games Thicker ‘, which uses panels side chat for users interested in the game updates from colleagues sepermainan. Then if the user really wants to test with a partner game, then they only need to click the link info of their games.

Facebook has also added the ability to bookmark favorite application user, so that they can easily access it via the News Feed each.

These changes already in effect, which may be present as soon as possible in the user profile.

~ by ickerz on 14 August 2011.

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