Rare birth of Twin Baby Kangaroo

Twin Baby Kangaroo (The Daily Telegraph)

Rare birth of Twin Baby Kangaroo

VICTORIA – A zoo in Victoria Australia with the name Chris Humfrey’s Wild Action Zoo has just had two babies tammar wallabies (small kangaroos) are special. Because the two babies are twins, and even one of them albino.

Humfrey, a zoologist, said the baby wallaby twins alone is a rare thing, especially one of this baby albino wallaby. It is very rare.

“The baby wallaby twins are very rare, and one of them albino, is very unusual. The birth of their only experienced by one in a million wallabies,” said Humfrey, as quoted by the Daily Telegraph on Thursday (11/08/2011 ).

Nan rare twin pairs of wallabies are born on Sunday, August 7. Color differences found in twins wallaby makes them dubbed as “The Salt and Pepper” (Salt and Pepper). Pepper to baby wallabies are normal grayish color, while the salt for the albino baby wallaby.


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