Apple, the Most Valuable Company in the world

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Apple, the Most Valuable Company in the world

CALIFORNIA – The rise of Apple’s stock trades on the stock market to beat Exxon Mobil, making the company with the apple logo has become the world’s most valuable company at this time.

As quoted from Mashable, Wednesday (08/10/2011), since yesterday until 4 pm, Apple’s shares trade on the stock market more than Exxon Mobil, with valuations of USD346, 74 billion. While Exxon Mobil valuations amounted to USD348, 32 billion.

But at 1:22 pm (local time), Apple’s stock sold for USD367, which makes the company have a value of USD341 billion, which passes the value of the company Exxon Mobil at the time. Since then Apple and Exxon Mobil continues to compete in the Wall Street capital markets.
Apple Shares of Exxon Mobil is expected to pursue racing since last month they reported that massive sales of the iPhone and iPad. At that time, Apple is still worth less than $ 50 billion oil company Exxon Mobil. Approximately 15 months ago, Apple has also passed the achievement of Microsoft as the world’s most valuable technology company, which was its value amounted to USD222 billion.

Although this is a remarkable achievement for Apple, but analysts say its share price is still 10 percent below the maximum achievement. Although the Exxon Mobil alone also decreased, as oil prices are declining.


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