Anonymous Cancel Plan ‘deadly’ Facebook

Anonymous different opinions about the plans 'deadly' Facebook

Anonymous Cancel Plan ‘deadly’ Facebook

CALIFORNIA – After making a scene with his plan off the social networking giant Facebook on 5 November, the group Anonymous hacktivist popular abruptly canceled the discourse. Why?

Based on a report in The Inquirer on Friday (12/08/2011), the plan did not have the support of all members of Anonymous. One Anonymous member claims that ‘Operation Facebook’ is the discourse of the new members that do not fit with the mission of the group.

“We really do not support # OpFacebook … Anonymous should strive for Internet users, rather than harming them. Please do not violate the privacy of citizens,” according to tweet one member of Anonymous.

“A longtime member of Anonymous decided to hold power more powerful group. Full Anon back we took. It is time for the discussion focused and healthy,” wrote another member.

Meanwhile, the official account Anonymous @ anonops actually denied the existence of the plans ‘murder’ Facebook. “For Immediate Release: Media around the world … stop lying! # OpFacebook only (news) is false! We do not ‘kill’ introductory message. That’s not our style!” they wrote.

Previously, Anonymous rumored to be attacked up on 5 November. They claim that Facebook is contrary to the principle of their movement and pointed out that the site has more than 700 members that sell user information to the government.

~ by ickerz on 12 August 2011.

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