Complaints Trigger A variety of 3D movies


Complaints Trigger A variety of 3D movies

It was nothing more fun than watching a movie that is rich in special effects technology of three dimensional (3D). But movie lovers should be aware of the inconvenience that may arise from this 3D movie.

Compared with two-dimensional movie goers, the 3D movie goers were reported three times more often complain of fatigue on the eyes, headache, and even vision problems.

Research conducted L. Mark Carrier from California State University, also mentions the 3D movie goers not to feel an intense emotional reaction to the experience or sensation as “being in the movie”. However, 3D movie goers are less able to remember well the movie than the movie goers 2D.

In his research, Carrier and his team studied 400 students who watched one of the following three films, either in 2D or 3D versions, the film “Alice in Wonderland,” “Clash of the Titans”, or “How to Train Your Dragon”.

After watching one movie, the study participants went home and answering surveys online. They were asked to assess how realistic the movie for them and report the emotions and sensations experienced, in the description of 60 words that exist.

List 60 words that vary from mid-level emotions such as “satisfactory” until a more intense like the “angry” and “vibrant”.

The survey results showed that no one group is better at remembering the content of the film. Besides the general audience does not get the 3D movie experience unlike 2D movie goers.

“In contrast to the 3D movie maker claims, it turns out the film with this technology does not improve memory,” said Carrier.



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