Endangered tiger in Vietnam

Vietnam tiger is endangered because of poaching and illegal trade

Endangered tiger in Vietnam

HANOI – The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to preach than 3,200tigers are scattered all over the world, there are only 30 wild tigerscan survive in Vietnam.

WWF claimed 10 years ago the number of wild tigers in Vietnam as many as 100 individuals. Conservation agencies are also adding anumber of tiger populations around the world fell by 97 percent,since 1900.

“The main reason for the cause of the reduced population of tigersis logging excessive debt,” said Do Quang Tung, Deputy Director ofConservation On International Trade in Endangered Species(CITES) of Vietnam.

Quang added that human population growth is also greatly reduce the death rate of tigers, plus a hunting and illegal animal trade.

Sementaran, Nick Cox, manager of the WWF for the protection,species and wildlife trade explain, Vietnam is a center of trade fortiger products, including the sale of illegal medicines made ​​fromtiger bones that are already popular there.

“It’s very important, it’s time now to stop the illegal international trade in tigers and domestic consumption,” added Cox, as quoted by the Straits Times on Monday (01/08/2011).

Keshav Varma, Director of the Program of Natural Resources andEnvironmental Conservation Department of Bio-diversification,explained that at present Vietnam, has sought to save tigers in the wild, by participating in the Global Initiative forum Tiger.

“Vietnam and 12 other countries have made historic commitmentsto combat poaching and illegal trade in wild tigers agreed in theTiger Conference in St. Petersburg,” lid Varma


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