British citizen shocked Seeing the Queen Begging

British citizen shocked Seeing the Queen Begging

BIRMINGHAM,  What if we saw the Queen sitting on the roadside with a shabby appearance while begging? Surprise? Obviously.

That experienced by people living in downtown Birmingham. They were shocked by the shabby-looking female figure with a face like the Queen Elizabeth 2 at the curb, asking for help. There is a large suitcase at his side in an open state.

However, it turns out the woman is merely a lifelike sculpture made by Edgar Askelovic (23).

Edgar is a young Lithuanian, European, who recently graduated from the Faculty of Arts University of Birmingham. He moved to England two years ago in order to follow the student exchange program. But he chose to settle in Britain, because they feel more free to be creative than in the place of origin.

Statue of Queen Elizabeth II’s scandalous statue was first made by Edgar. Edgar deliberately put the statue as a form of criticism of the economic situation in the UK.

“All British citizens are now busy discussed the crisis in the UK as a recession. So I thought, what would happen if the crisis is ongoing and even make the Queen does not own a home? It’s just entertainment,” said Edgar was quoted as saying Dailymail, Tuesday ( 09/08/2011).

“The Queen is a symbol of England. I’m trying to say that I was English and I can joke like this,” he added.

Not suspected by previous Edgar, Queen sculpture that he created to provide for her own advantage. Why? Because many people who think the statue is a real beggars, so many are throwing money into his trunk.

“This statue can make money an average of 6 pounds every half hour, whereas I can just 5.85 pounds in one hour if it is being part-time in a pub,” said Edgar.

“The amount of money depending on where the statue is my place. I am a bit surprised when people think is a real person. Those who are curious to hold and kicked him. Many people who come just want to see these homemade statue,” he explained.

Edgar completed the statue for a month. He shaped the face of Queen Elizabeth II on his first statue is just by looking at the Queen’s face from a photograph. The statue is made of silicone and plastic materials


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