11 penguin friends with 9 penguins made ​​of the statue

”]11 penguin friends with 9 penguins made ​​of the statue

LONDON – What nonsense ideas that made ​​the exhibition organizers marine park staff, London’s The Sea Life Aquarium, tokeep the mood of the animals in the exhibition.

The reason, they purposely deliver nine fruit-shaped statue penguinsto be able to restore the mood of 11 penguins they are lonely in the exhibition.

A total of 11 penguins Humboldts imported from Sea Life Park in Weymouth, Dorset, is now looking cheerful entertaining visitors to the exhibition the Sea Life London Aquarium, London. Dailymailreports on Tuesday (09/08/2011).

The 11 penguin can eventually cheered after moping because thelonging for their habitat. They do not even want to eat and appearlistless.

Knowing the circumstances, Mark Anderson, who has over 20 years making sculpture in Weymouth beach voluntarily take the initiative tomake the nine statues of penguins to enliven the atmosphere at the exhibition site of 11 penguins who are lonely.

Not just any penguin statues that were presented, staff organizerwith Mark also adds beberapapohon palm in order to bring theatmosphere of the courtyard which is very similar to the conditionsthat exist in Weymouth.


~ by ickerz on 10 August 2011.

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