Swimming in Cuba to the United States Without Shield Sharks

Diana Nyad want to be the first person to swim from Cuba to the United States without the protection of sharks.

KUBA, Waters between Cuba and Florida, the U.S. has been known for sharks populations are abundant and it is definitely vicious.
However, a 61-year-old woman from the United States, Diana Nyad determined to be the first person to swim across those waters without the protection of anti-shark attacks confinement.

Diana left the coast of Havana, Cuba on Sunday (08/07) evening local time. He is scheduled to arrive in Key West, Florida on Wednesday (10/08).
Brought pool between countries are not easy. Not only the preparation of safety, but rather because of political affairs.
Cuba and the United States until now has no diplomatic relations.
That it took nearly a year of negotiations the two countries to achieve this historic event.

Diana Nyad, known as long-distance swimmer in the 1970s. And, he never failed on the same route in 1978, when he was 28 years old.
Now, at the age of 61 his spirit to conquer the waters full of sharks within 166km has not vanished.

Before starting the trip swim, told reporters in Havana coast, Diana said that although he retired from competitive event since 30 years ago, he still harbored a desire to realize his old dream.
“Throughout my life I always dreamed of being the first person to swim without the confinement of anti-shark attacks,” he said.
“I never intend to compete again. Swimming is a sport weight, more suitable for young people, “he added.

Throughout his efforts over the sea, then Diana will continue to swim endlessly and even without sleep for three days and three nights.
However, every 90 minutes provided a short break so that Diana could consume food that is placed inside a plastic tube.

Preparations for this event was not kidding. A number of boats containing the health team, a nutritionist and a shark expert ready to help Diana.
This does not include two kayaks are equipped with electric shock devices specifically shark who always accompany Diana.

If the electric shock device is not working then there is a team of divers who will jump into the water to protect Diana.


~ by ickerz on 9 August 2011.

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