Russian plane emergency landing, 15 Wounds

Type of military transport aircraft Antonov An-22

Russian plane emergency landing, 15 Wounds

MOSCOW – A Russian-built plane back to parents in an accident on Monday (08/08/2011). At least 15people were injured, while passenger aircraft Antonov An-24 skidded off the runway at the airport Blagoveschensk, Russia’s far east.

” The plane, carrying 36 passengers was scheduled to fly to the city of Khabarovsk, eastern Russia, but divert its route because of the limited visibility and strong wind “

According to the Russian Health Ministry, 15 people were wounded, and seven had to be hospitalized after an emergency landing that broke one wing aircraft propeller-engine turboprop that. “The plane was lost after the chassis and the left wing and slid off the runway mired in the ground,” said Russia’s Emergency Ministry.

An-24 aircraft is one of the older aircraft manufacturer Antonov production in the era of the Soviet Union, which is still a mainstay of Russian aviation to transport passengers and goods supplies to remote towns in Siberia and the far northern region. The plane was last produced in 1979, and has often had an accident.Russia’s transportation dilemma is still a major fighter aircraft manufacturers, with products Sukhoi and MiG her. However, sectors of the country’s civil aircraft industry has not grown old Soviet Union following the collapse of the early 1990s.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered all Russian-made fleet of old aircraft is retired from January 1, 2012 after a series of accidents. However, the business aviation in Russia face a dilemma with this flight ban.

Although old and often crash, the planes of the original Russian design, such as the Tupolev Tu-134 and An-24, is still unreliable, because the plane is quite light on the foundations of gravel in the area of ​​tundra and polar ice-covered eternalArctic region.

Cities in the region, which was built in the Stalin era for mining or mineral oil, located thousands of kilometers away from major Russian cities, and often have no transportation network other than aircraft.

Options to replace the fleet with planes made in the newer western states also be a difficult choice, since the average Western-made aircraft was too heavy to land on the grounds of emergency.

Russian aircraft manufacturers, such as manufacturer Sukhoi, had tried to revive the production of civilian aircraft, such as the Sukhoi Superjet 100. However, it is estimated it will take several more years until the Russian commercial aircraft industry back to match the Soviet Union era.


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