NASA build gas stations in Outer Space


U.S. National Space Agency, NASA, want to build a refueling station in space, an essential facility required for the exploration of outer space is more far-even for life in outer space.

“Saving the explosive material, such as hydrogen and liquid oxygen, in low temperatures is important for long-term mission,” declared NASA.
So, making filling fuel station is not as simple to make filling stations on Earth. Liquid rocket fuel at low temperatures (cryogenics).

If not stored in proper temperature and adequate protection, the liquid to boil and turn into gas.

Filling station is important to remember the next NASA missions is to send humans to an asteroid in 2025 and to Mars in the mid 2030’s. Refueling will be conducted in orbit plane or on the surface of the planet or moon.

NASA has appointed four companies to conduct a study of this fasilias: Analytical Mechanics Associates Inc.., Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin Space Systems. In total, NASA has donated 2.4 million U.S. dollars to the four companies.

“Every company needs to produce reports on cryogenic fluid management technologies, capabilities and infrastructure for the continuity of fueling stations, as well as the possible use of human resources in space,” said NASA in a statement.

Research will focus on the growing distance between the current technology with the technology needed refueling stations.

During the test program, NASA will conduct a flight test. For the same purpose, NASA also conducted an experiment called “Robotic refueling Mission” on the International Space Station in July lallu. This mission is carried out on Atlantis.


~ by ickerz on 9 August 2011.

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