Damn expelled by Pretending Dead

Damn expelled by Pretending Dead

BANGKOK, you are facing bad luck and wanted to start a new life which is better? Manee Pram Temple in Nakorn Nayok province, about 107 km northeast of Bangkok, Thailand, provides an unusual solution: the ceremony of “dress rehearsal” of death, by pretending to be the burial ceremony, including you must lie in a coffin coffin.

Manee Pram Temple held a ritual like this twice a day, at exactly 9:09 o’clock in the morning and 13:09 o’clock. Deliberately use the element number 9, because the figure is believed by Thai people, as the number that brings good luck.

Those who want to “dispose of bad luck” and undergo this unique ritual, should stand in front of the coffins that have been provided, holding flowers, and pray that luck went bad, and they are required to receive good fortune.

Costs also “play dead” only 180 baht, or $ 6 U.S. dollars (approximately USD 51,000) to replace the flowers, a piece of white cap and a set of collection requirements which will be handed over to the monks, in the form of toothpaste, toothbrushes and food as well. Intended, in order to get a better life.

“First of all, pray to him who (pretend to) die, in order to wash away the bad things. Bad luck it will disappear, when the monks drew a white lid off the coffin,” said Rin Manaboom, a temple monk who used to lead the ritual “play dead” is.

Monk, too, which closed the coffin lid with a white sheet, and pulled back. Like interesting things are good back inside. But, first of all throw away bad luck, and then put good things into the treasury.

When the “play dead” lying in a coffin, the monks chanted prayers. After that, they are pretending to be dead was as if emerging from a resort, and blessed with holy water by the monks.

Krisda Netmanee, a 39-year-old police officer, perform the ritual was to restart his life, after experiencing a series of jobs are not profitable. “This year is bad luck happen to me. And I’m here to wash my plight to depart, and ask for blessings for the good things to come,” he said.

There are others again, who had made a ritual “dispose of bad luck” that periodically. Ra Damthanin farmers, for example, was already doing the ritual at least six times in his life, hoping to get a long life.

“I hope to live long, be with the kids, neighbors and my sister,” said 62-year-old farmer. “I really want to live longer, very soon.”

A former Taliban fighter to put the bullets before handing it over to Afghan authorities, as part of a peaceful reconciliation program in Herat, west of Kabul, Tuesday (28/12).


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