Heart of these people included in the bag

Heart of these people included in the bag ,

Green became the first Englishman to have an artificial heart. One child’s father actually had its day towards death from severe heart disease.

He entered the heart transplant waiting list. But doctors decided to give him an artificial heart because the condition is very bad.

In a press conference on Monday (01/08/2011), Gill Green who was accompanied by his wife, states could not wait to start a new normal life in London for the first time with Dylan, the son of those aged five years.

“Two years ago, every day I am my current cycling 14 km and 14 km to go to work again when I go home. But once taken to the hospital, I even run it very difficult,” he said.

“I am very happy to be home and can do many things long I can not do, like playing with children or cooking for the family,” said the father of the child.

“The movement of my body is still limited, but at least I can go home and gather the family dengna. That means a lot to me,” he added.

Green suffered from heart disease called cardiomyopathia. This disease causes the heart to weaken rapidly and are not able to pump blood throughout the body. Conditions that caused him so weak that it almost could only lie down. Moving a few steps already made out of breath.

Only hope was a heart transplant, but his condition continued to deteriorate before there was a potential donor for him. Doctors at Papworth Hospital, a renowned heart hospital located near Cambridge, act quickly. They decided to give him an artificial heart intact.

Heart surgery performed last June that lasted for six hours. Doctors replace the damaged heart of Green with a tool that replaces the role of muscle and heart chambers.

Unlike in previous artificial heart, pacemakers that become the source of power is placed in the heart outside the body and can be carried in a purse or backpack. What to do Green just replace the batteries every few hours and the artificial heart that could last for three years.

According to Steven Tsui, the heart surgeon leading the operation said the artificial heart design results SynCardia was only intended as a “bridge” until a genuine heart to be transplanted on the Green.

Nevertheless, an artificial heart that is now in development for the permanent. “For the first time we saw someone walking in the UK without a human heart,” says Tui.

“Matthew is very severe condition and we fear that the time was not longer. Since the surgery done, he gets a new chance at life,” said Tui.

“This shows that the technology can beat the disease. I expect more devices like this are developed,” said Steven Tui.


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