FBI cracked Network Website


FBI cracked Network Website

WASHINGTON ,Not only break the security system electronics companies alone, hacker or hackers also target data the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). They stole 180 passwords owned by members of an institution that became the FBI partner.

“Someone has ruffled the website. We currently do not know bagiaman the attack occurred or the methods used to steal passwords, “said Paul Farley, President of the Atlanta InfraGard Members Alliance. The agency is formed by the FBI to gather information about security threats to the physical facilities and infrastructure of the Internet in the U.S..

List of passwords being stolen are the property of members from various isntitusi, including among the Army, the organization’s Internet security, and telecommunications operators. Perpetrators who claim the name of the Lulz Security divulge their password on the internet.

Lulz Security claims to have used one of the access to steal about 1000 documents and personal email from one of the important officials. They stated that action is a form of protest to the Pentagon, U.S. Defense Department, which some time ago plans to include an attack in cyberspace as a form of war. Security Lulz previously admitted as an online service attack Sony and Nintendo.

The FBI has released an official statement will attack and theft of identity data. Efforts are underway to investigate the incident.


~ by ickerz on 8 August 2011.

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