Police kill gang frontman, family burn London

The fire burned the building in Tottenham, north London after a riot on Sunday (7 / 08) morning. Photo: AP / Lewis whyld, pa

Police kill gang frontman, family burn London

LONDON, Open warfare between the mass and the police in Tottenham, on Saturday (7 / 08) night that made gripping the north London area.

Reporting from the Associated Press (AP), the riots happened right in front of Tottenham police station on Sunday (7 / 08).A total of 100 policemen and riot troops overwhelmed by the approximately 500 people angry mobs.

Massa pelted police with stones and Molotov cocktails. British newspaper the Daily Mail in its online edition graphically illustrates through photographs of buses, cars and buildings burned, and looted shops.

The young men who wear facial coverings are also destroying the window and opened fire on police Barclay bank. “The disturbance and violence at Tottenham on Saturday (6 / 08) night really unacceptable. “We do not believe that this is what you want most law-abiding citizens at Tottenham.

We believe this is only the actions of people who want to take the opportunity to harass and physically attack the police, “explains Adrian.
Mark Duggan is believed to be members of criminal organizations have been killed in a shootout with police on Thursday (4 / 08). The incident was later comrades Duggan responded by attacking police.
In the north, at Tottenham Hale, Aldi Supermarket ransacked and burned. Some of them wearing masks, cars blocking access roads and damaging several buildings. Others use large trash is burned to form barricades along the road.
However, as the fire trucks into the streets of the area and began to put the fire on the cars and buildings, dozens of people moving to spread.
Tottenham are located in the northern part of London, nearly half its citizens live below the poverty line and make this city one of the most vulnerable across the UK. A policeman was killed hacked at the time, and more than 60 officers injured
A few months ago, the City of London also hit by riots fought by the students.


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