Teenagers learn to hack

teenagers learn to hack "illustration"

Teenagers learn to hack

One of the activities in a series of events of international hacker convention, Defcon, hacking is a seminar for teenagers.

Adolescents aged 8 to 16 years seen sitting pretty behind a long conference table as he listened to a presentation about hacking, solving puzzles, and breaking through the security system of the speakers.

The average of the teens are the sons and daughters of the generation of participants Defcon hackers since two decades ago are now adults.

“Many of us have grown up and had children. We want to continue the tradition, “says Chris Hoff, inventor HacKid that support the seminar, told AsiaOne, Sunday (07/08/2011).
According to Hoff, the majority of U.S. adolescents is basically a hacker while still at the level of understanding of video games or computer systems work.

In the seminar, federal agencies U.S. government stepped in to introduce the institution to the young hacker.

National Security Agency (NSA) used the opportunity to show the Enigma machine from World War II era that is used for encoding messages of the military. The NSA also pointed to the children about the basic techniques of making a secret password.

Apart from the NSA, the speaker for the seminar was also imported from the Department of Homeland Security and National Defense University.

Defcon originator, Jeff Moss, who provides the preface to the seminar expressed a sense of jealous of the boy.

“I am a bit jealous of you. If I had been younger than now, I will be glad to megalami everything once again. Only a few types of security systems that can be intruded upon my youth. But remember, do not make stupid mistakes, “Moss said that in the world of hackers known as the ‘Dark Tangent’.


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